20L Electrical power sprayers with 12AH Battery rechargeable

QTH-D768-20 Operated Knapsack dynamoelectric Sprayer, Electrical Power Sprayer,Farmer sprayer

General Details

20L Electrical power sprayers with 12AH rechargeable Battery

1. Multi-spraying head
2. More flux,better atomizing
3. Practical, safe and labor saving
4. Reasonable Design, simple and portable
5. Installed with a 12V 12AH rechargeable battery.

Product Type: 20L Electrical power sprayers
Mode: D-768-20L
Material: PP+PE
Type: Backpack
Pressure: 0.2-0.4Mpa
Capacity : 20L
Spraying lance: Stainless steel
Pump: 12V2.1A2.6L DC
Battery: 12V8AH/12V12AH
Payment: TT, L/C
Packing: Outer packing:1/pc color box;  Inner packing:Poly bag packing
Weight: 7.3KG/set
20GP: 400sets
40HQ: 950 sets
Size: 40x26x63CM
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