Battery sprayers

battery sprayers for agriculture

20L Electrical power sprayers with 12AH Battery rechargeable

QTH-D768-20 Operated Knapsack dynamoelectric Sprayer, Electrical Power Sprayer,Farmer sprayer

22L Knapsack Agriculture Electrical Sprayer For Lawn and Yard

This model of knapsack electrical sprayer comes with a rechargeable 12V8AH battery.

Battery Garden Sprayer With 20L Tank With 3 Free Nozzles

With its tank capacity of 20 liters,this type of Battery Garden Sprayer powered with a Lead-acid battery

18 Liters Backpack Garden Weed Battery Sprayer

This weed battery sprayer comes with a rechargeable 8AH battery.

16L Agricultural Knapsack Electric Battery Sprayer

This sprayer comes with a rechargeable 12V battery.